Thursday, 14 November 2013

"How To Believe" - Guardian, Liz Williams

This series in the Guardian is good to see. Huge need for thinking. Liz Williams put in 5 short pieces on Karl Popper "The Enemy of Certainty". I've now got a big crush on Ms Williams, witch and SF writer. (Hey Liz! Please get in touch!) I was so pleased to see her emphasising that Popper's attempt at demarcation between science and pseudo-science (simultaneously denying the logical positivist doctrine of verification) was not casting the pseudo-science out. His work allows for rigour and meaningfulness in "pseudo-scientific" theory. Indeed he leaves us realising that metaphysical underpinnings are there in science no less than in other theory. He preserves the metaphysical and smashes positivism! Yay!

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