Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Yentob - aaaaaargh!

I would like to echo the sentiment of a piece by Patrick Wright of some years back, relating to the BBC 'Imagine' series. Take this man off the telly! I dared take a peek at tonight's broadcast (having happily missed a series or four) and there was AY once again, camera trained on him, experiencing it for you. Aaaaaaargh! No matter what it is, AY is on the inside track, he'd like you to know.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

"How To Believe" - Guardian, Liz Williams

This series in the Guardian is good to see. Huge need for thinking. Liz Williams put in 5 short pieces on Karl Popper "The Enemy of Certainty". I've now got a big crush on Ms Williams, witch and SF writer. (Hey Liz! Please get in touch!) I was so pleased to see her emphasising that Popper's attempt at demarcation between science and pseudo-science (simultaneously denying the logical positivist doctrine of verification) was not casting the pseudo-science out. His work allows for rigour and meaningfulness in "pseudo-scientific" theory. Indeed he leaves us realising that metaphysical underpinnings are there in science no less than in other theory. He preserves the metaphysical and smashes positivism! Yay!