Tuesday, 23 January 2018

You don’t like President Trump’s style?

What is President Trump’s style?
Whatever he can get away with.
Watching BBC Panorama it seems (and I believe) his supporters really will not see a thing wrong with him because he talks to them and makes them feel like he knows them, he’s their friend, he is like them, which must make them feel really very good. 
He’s very charming. Who cares what he says as long as he’s getting America back on top?
People don’t like his “combative” tyle, his ‘direct-to-a-Tha-People’ tweets’?... call them sanctimonious hypocrites. Just deny and accuse back, refuse to recognise any case to answer.
People call his “shithole countries” comment racist? Deny. What, you never use that language? C’mon. Anyway, it’s “irony”. Point to Trump’s Afro-American and Mexican political supporters and how unemployment among the Afro-American community is at 35yr low. (Maybe it is. I believe it is. Maybe they are down the newly re-opened coal mines?)
Listen to Anthony Scaramucci defending his former boss (BBC HardTalk 22nd Jan): “His style is what got him into the Presidency”.
His style is to never concede that he is wrong about anything, and to pass blame onto anyone else, as long as some power base remains. At the moment it’s the media, but it will one day be ‘a-tha American people’.
He will turn around one day and tell ‘the American people’ that they were dumb, that the strife playing out in the streets is not to do with him, but because they followed him only so far, and not far enough, that is, to the End.
Think he and his cronies sully high office with their “tough neighbourhood” “tough language” and so-called (by Scaramucci) “iconoclasm”? 
Trump will turn around one day and say ‘The American people got what they deserved!’

What is all that “irony” about? Let’s ignore that and ask what actions are being taken, and decide on that.